Pico De Gallo


Refreshing, delicious, addicting and healthy! What more could one want?! This recipe also comes from Evelyn and has been a staple in our house ever since.



Cooking Directions

1) Finely cut tomato’s into 1/4 pieces and place into a large serving bowl.

2) Finely/Coarsely mince Onion, Cilanto, Jalapeno and place into serving bowl.

3) Add the juice of the 4 limes, and 2 Tbls of Adobo seasoning.

4) Mix all ingredients in bowl until well combined.


Notes: At this point taste the salsa, if it is too salty and the juice of one more lime. If the lime flavor is too strong add 1/2 Tbls Adobo seasoning. 



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